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About Articles

The IPANEMAFF.COM website aims to become a platform for art and communication students, researchers, and academics, with open submissions for individual articles on everything related to Cinema, Art, and Social Issues. Once an individual article is submitted, it will be evaluated by the website's editors to be published.​


Ipanema Film Festival favors short texts of three to five pages, which will be welcomed in our ARTICLES section on the website. Please contact us by clicking on the "Contact" tab to message our team about your interest in sending IpanemaFF an original article. The articles must be submitted through the "Submit a text" tab, accompanied by all the necessary details concerning their subject and the theme to which it is attached. We will then forward it to the appropriate editors to evaluate the text.​


You may include images, in reasonable numbers and sizes. Be sure to credit the source of the image and send us a copy with the text. Images must be sent as separate files from the text, all via email.To send us your article, email our team at the following address: with the subject "FREE ARTICLE - (SUBMITTER'S FULL NAME)".

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