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Justin Head's fascinating visual narrative in Cinema.

Film review by Pedro Castro

The film "Queen of the Dead" by director Justin Head is a work of art that enchants from the very beginning with its dark and mysterious atmosphere. The filmmaker chose to shoot in black and white, which gives it a vintage and shadowy aesthetic, perfectly in tune with the film's theme.

The story revolves around an author who isolates herself in her family home. There, she is chased by cult members who wish to make her their leader. The film features references to witchcraft, Wicca, and other mystical beliefs, which adds an enigmatic and fascinating touch to the plot.

The film's pace is deliberately slow and often seductive, creating a tension that involves us. The director does not recur to a banal narrative or to hypnotize the viewer with quick cuts, but instead, it works with meticulousness and attention to detail.

One of the most striking characteristics of "Queen of the Dead" is its ability to tell the story through images, without depending excessively on dialogues. The visuals are powerful and evocative enough to convey the story, producing a bewitching effect that keeps us hooked to the screen.

The film is rich in metaphors and symbolism, making the experience even more rewarding. At certain moments, the film takes us back to

German expressionism, with its striking use of shadows and contrasts; that contribute to the dark and enigmatic atmosphere.

In summary, "Queen of the Dead" is an exceptionally well-produced and well-directed film that tells an intriguing and eerie story through strong and compelling imagery. Justin Head demonstrates an exceptional talent for creating captivating ambiances and narratives, making him, without a doubt, a name to be followed closely in Cinema and filmmaking. It is also worth mentioning that his experience and references contributed significantly to the making of this excellent movie.

Undoubtedly, Justin Head is an experienced director who demonstrates his exceptional talent in "Queen of the Dead". His background in fine arts, his love for photography, and his interest in spiritual and mystical themes have certainly contributed to creating this intriguing and enigmatic story we see in "Queen of the Dead". His familiarity with mystical beliefs and traditions, such as Wicca, is reflected in how the film addresses these themes with respect and a touch of mysteriousness.

By Pedro Castro APRIL-07-2023


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