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By Pedro Castro

As the director and composer of 'Cosmic Light', how was the experience of creating a project where music plays the main role, guiding the audience through a visual journey?

My dreams and intuition gives me the direction where to go and what to create. Fantasy is the most real aspect of the inner feelings of a person. The creativity and imagination work together to build other realities that translate an inner feeling, that what people call reality in vibrations of sounds or images.

The synopsis mentions the need to lift the listener above ordinary vibrations. How did you approach the composition of "Transcendence" to achieve this specific goal?

We dive into mythologies, the archetypes appear and we work from that on to enhance humankind in elevating vibrations. 

'Cosmic Light' explores experiences with the moon and cosmic light, transcending into a new dimension of the universe. How did these elements influence the soundtrack creation and the visual direction of the short film?

—As a Director I would like  to have sounds , music and images in an integration of the senses of Perception of the universe in movement that is impermanent and vibrates.

Your music is known to have healing power and plays in hospitals through the Healing Care system. How do you believe music can contribute to people's well-being and healing?

The world is build out of perceptions, movements and vibrations. When you move things you can change. Vibrational Medicine is based on the scientific principles that all matter in the universe vibrates at a specific and precise frequency and that by using resonant vibrations, the balance of matter can be restored. And music can be created in specific hertz frequencies that will improve a healthy state of being. 

Each individual is a complex being, comprised of different levels of our physical, spiritual or etheric energetic bodies. We are comprised of various chakras or energetic systems within our bodies that are representative of different colors and these colors vibrate too at different frequencies and each organ and cell vibrates at a different frequency. And so on and so on it goes...

As well as being a renowned composer, you are a filmmaker and director. How do you balance music creation with visual direction to create a cohesive experience in 'Cosmic Light'?

It is a perfect marriage of emotion and resonance. Music translates and gives life to images.

The synopsis mentions that your music offers fun and comfort. How do you try to balance these two elements in your compositions?

Vibrating in hertz’s and resonating with peoples soul. I immersed myself since childhood into music and vocal studies at the school of music, lyrics singing and as a ballet dancer by exploring the music of diverse composers such as Puccini, Bizet, Haendel, Donizete, Mozart, Gershwin, Saint-Saëns, Villa Lobos, Verdi, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and many others. 

As a voting member of the GRAMMY®, ASCAP, and LIT Talent Awards, how do these experiences influence your creative approach to both music and filmmaking?

I got to know thousands of artists and I read their biographies and their experiences in life and then listen to their music so I can understand better their self expression. It is a very enriching experience of life.

'Transcendence' is described as a wonderful way to elevate vibrations. What are the challenges of conveying this experience through music in a predominantly visual media such as cinema?

Nothing is said ! All is perceptions that ressonante and are translated and transmitted into sounds and images.

You are recognized as the Diva of Music in the Healing Care system. Can you share a significant experience in which your music had a profound impact on someone's life?

I have many testimonials about people’s feelings after listening to my music. Calming down is the first aspect and touching their heart and to restore their well being is a very common testimonial. 

'Cosmic Light' offers a journey into a new dimension of the universe. How do you hope viewers will feel and what do you want them to take away with them after they have experienced your artwork?

I hope they feel the immense and vast universe of planets and galaxies and how great it is being part of that infinite cosmos.


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